Whether speaking in an intimate group or an auditorium, I speak with the intention of making the audience feel and connect with their being-ness, their highest potential self that’s capable of brilliance.

Using the power of vulnerability, I take the audience on my journey of self-discovery and reinvention that brought me to where I am today. I tailor my content to the audience and desired outcome and most importantly, deliver an engaging and empowering message with key takeaways that incites action.

Signature talks include:

  • The Ultimate Love Story: From Self Loathing to Self Love 

  • Living a Self Love Life

  • The Science Of Self Love

  • From Stuck to Stoked: Get To Your Best Ideas More Often

  • The Creativity Cure: From Addict to Artist

  • From Grrrr… to Om: How Meditation Changed My Everything

  • Hey Girl Hey: How I Befriended My Inner Mean Girl