Aubree has a black belt in truth-telling. She hails from Texas, but this feminine feminist finds comfort in the grit of New York City. Her writing for  Elite Daily and Work it Health. has made her a resonant voice in the self-love movement, which she believes is the ultimate love story. That said, the pioneer of mobile dating is swiping right in hopes of finding her S.O.

Her spirit animal is the Black Swan and she believes that love can change the world. Aubree cultivates community and ignites creativity within organizations with her proprietary workshop, Stoked! Aubree specializes in culture transformation and authentic leadership. Her approach is founded in the belief that creativity and effectiveness can co-exist and fueled by her MA Organizational Change.

If she's not drinking coffee, dancing to Beyonce or writing, she is thinking about drinking coffee, dancing to Beyonce or writing. She ignites creativity in organizations.  You can follow her on her R-Rated Instagram at: @aubree.nichols