HUNGOVER NO MORE IN 2004 -13 YEARS SOBER🙏🙏Thirteen years ago, I was walking down 2nd Avenue on Sunday morning around 10 a.m. I’d been been partying since Thursday. I was filled with shame. How did this happen again? I told myself I would only go out for a few drinks and I definitely wouldn’t do any blow. Yet 2 drinks in, I called my dealer to have him deliver the goods. And there I was, 3 days later. Hungover. Bloody nose. Red Eyes. Wishing I were dead. “I’m never going to drink again,” I’d told myself many times, but this time I meant it. 
God heard me. He knew I’d had enough. And with His help and the support of so many angels that walk the earth, I haven’t had a drink or drug since. 
Today is my 13th year anniversary, its more precious than my birthday. It is the day I was given a second chance. I was reborn. 
I posted these pictures to remind myself of what I was like when I put alcohol and drugs in my body. I may be smiling, but it was a bad scene indeed. Luckily, I don’t remember half of it. My life has gotten infinitely better without drinking— one day at a time. For me, there was no moderation. I still see NO point in having just 1. 
It was the best decision for me. My soul is happy and free. I’m high on LIFE. And save lots of money on drinks:)

Aubree Nichols