The Original Independent Woman

Here’s to the Original Independent Women— Dorthy Nichols.

Thank you for being a best friend and grandmother all in one.

Thank you for working hard to single handedly bring up 2 fine men that make the world a better place.

Because of you, I will work hard, complain less and accept the you I see in me.

I will unapologetically laugh for no reason at all.

I will be blonde for life.

I will talk about my digestive issues whenever I travel (so make sure there’s All Bran on hand)

I will love animals like they’re people and make room for them in bed.

I will talk to myself because its soothing and I love what I have to say.

I’ll be at peace with the fact that The Today Show’s anchors are my good friends.

Because I take after you, I’ll have faith that my butt will never get big.

And I embrace the fact I snore like a 400 pound man.

Whether real or imagined, I will go dancing until the day I die.

So here’s to red satin sheets, and Jean Night’s “Mr Big Stuff.”

Here’s to loving my father as much as I do and never saying a bad word about anyone.

Mimi, you’ll be missed. I know heaven is glad you finally made it so, have fun up there!

Aubree Nichols